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A Change In You.

Trainer Biographies

Our people are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.

Johnathan Zorbas

Personal Trainer CFP, CPTN, PTS

"I have always been active in the fitness industry whether it be improving my own body composition or helping others strive to achieve their own fitness goals. I see personal fitness as a lifestyle and an essential and instrumental role in living a long and healthy life”       


Certified Personal Traners Network (CPTN)

CPTN Art & Science of Personal Training Level 1

- Educated on personal training, professionalism, exercise physiology, biomechanics & applied physiology.

- Skilled on cardio-respiratory fitness, muscle conditioning, flexibility training & programming for the healthy adult.

- Learned how to make specialized training modifications for clients with health conditions, people with disabilities, weight management and musculoskeletal injuries

Yes to Strength (Karsten Jensen, MSc., CPTN-CPT.M)

Combination Exercises

- Designed to teach you how to build muscle and burn fat in minimum time

- Taught muscle provoking and fat burning combination exercises and workouts

- Combination exercises that stimulate and improve the cardiorespiratory system

- Accomplish more in any set time frame as opposed to conventional training methods

- Learned techniques designed to reduce resting time during workouts and increase the muscles time under tension to achieve a higher level of anabolic muscle growth

Can-Fit Pro

Personal Training Specialist - (PTS)

- Educated upon the aspects of fitness, wellness and training principles and business skills for success as a personal trainer.

- Learned the components of a workout from warm-up, cardiovascular and resistance training to cool-down.

        - Taught the fitness theory of the skeletal, muscular, neurological, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.


Mixed Martial Artist

- 1st Degree Black Belt - Tang Soo Do Martial Arts (Korean Karate)

- Orange Belt – Twin Dragon Martial Arts (Kung-Fu & Kick Boxing)

George Brown College

- Plants & Society (GSCI1146)

- Nutrition (GSCI1045)


The scope of the course ranges from a review of the gastrointestinal system, energy sources and macronutrients to a more detailed discussion of nutrient function, dietary sources, recommended intakes, deficiencies, and excesses. Students consider behavioural aspects of diet and weight management as well as the effects of modern technology, cultural diversity and aging on views of nutrition. They also examine aspects of nutrition related to disease and to physical and mental health, as well as controversial topics such as alternative therapies. Upon completion of this course, students have the basis for assessing their own and others diet for nutritional adequacy, and for putting concepts into practice for overall better health.